Spring semester 2019

Welcome to the University Dance Forum spring of 2019.

We offer courses in various dances and the only thing you need to do to attend is to register here and pay the semester fee.

The semester price is 7,000 ISK for students and 10,000 ISK for others. That gives you access to all our classes.

Please deposit to the following account:
Account number: 0338-13-221320
Social security number: 480208-0720

When transferring from a foreign account you’ll probably also need the following two codes:
IBAN code: IS78 0338 1322 1320 4802 0807 20

If you’re paying for more than one person then one transaction has to be made per individual and the individual’s name rather than the payer’s name written in the explanation. When you’ve transferred to our account you’ll get an access card
Of course, if your bank takes a fee per transaction, just make one transaction and then let us know when you show up for class. If you can’t pay via the Internet for some reason we can also receive payment by cash but neither by credit- nor debit-card.

This event is closed for registration